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February 2018

Charity staff crumble as 1000's of victims seek support

With Violent assaults, knife attacks, terror attacks, murder, and other malicious crimes ever prevalent, charities and other organisations who support the victims, survivors and witnesses of these events are buckling under the strain.

The dedicated heroes within these organisations, love what they do, but are becoming disenchanted and frustrated because they want to provide so much more.

The staff within these organisations have a clear purpose. They are working towards a world where people affected by crime and other traumatic events get the support and psychological care they need, quickly and efficiently.

Their main support is being there for the victim, listening and providing emotional as well as practical support.

But there are many challenges…..

They fear there is no long term solution……. but there is.

We understand what a vital lifeline you provide for trauma sufferers, but we also understand your challenges and frustrations.

That’s why we believe Bounce Trauma Resolution is a win-win for everyone, as it is not only about helping trauma victims, but it is also about making a massive difference to organisations such as yours.

Training your staff in TIR will significantly reduce the need to outsource to other agencies, free much-needed funds and resources and demonstrate that you are leading, innovative, forward-thinkers, offering a gold standard service in the victim support industry.

TIR is not therapy, so what is it?

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) is a structured process that enables a client to fully work through their traumatic experiences and unwanted feelings in a safe environment, free from judgement or interpretation.

It is highly tailored for each individual and best described as integrative learning, as it fully takes into account the clients needs, interests and values, as well as the data they already have but have not yet been able to process or integrate.

It is highly effective in swiftly reducing, and in many cases, permanently removing the symptoms caused by a traumatic event, no matter how long ago that event happened.

Imagine if …

you could make a life-changing impact on those suffering the effects of trauma.

Imagine if you could not only help someone rapidly and permanently resolve the emotional distress of trauma, but also empower them to be the best version of themselves.

Imagine if you could move beyond the goal of merely returning someone to a normal level of functioning, or ‘managing symptoms’, and actually empower real personal growth, talent and potential.


“I took… the TIR facilitation course with the aim of furthering my professional development and skill set. This absolutely has happened, as well as so much more. Learning how to become a TIR facilitator…has been a real journey. I have learned so much about trauma, human communication as well as myself..I am finding the process so valuable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in person centred approaches to resolving trauma and difficulties in life. Gemma is an excellent trainer and educator, has been so encouraging and supportive, and fosters a supportive, open and honest training environment. The environment that Gemma creates during the training allowed me to bounce forward on my TIR journey with confidence!”

Krissy - National Homicide Service Caseworker, and Brilliant TIR Facilitator

Krissy attended ‘The Bounce Accelerator Program’