August 2019

Our Story

My name's Gemma Keeley, and I'm the founder and director of Bounce Trauma Resolution Ltd. Before I share my inspiration behind Bounce and what we do, I'd like you to think about what normal feels like for you at this moment.

In today's frantic world, it can often feel like an endless struggle to meet demanding career expectations, juggle a family and personal life and also deal with our past. It's no surprise that high-level executives are feeling stressed and 'putting up' with harmful psychological and physical symptoms that are affecting everyday life. If this sounds like you or you know someone within your organisation that could benefit from support, then I'm pleased to tell you that we can help.

How I bounce back....

For 30 years I suffered in silence and didn't know what normal felt like. I was living with the devastating effects of various traumatic experiences that were affecting every area of my life. But back in November 2010, I was offered a life-changing session of Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) facilitation. From that moment on my symptoms were completely resolved and I knew that I could help others permanently break free from trauma and acute stress. So, using my passion for change and a new-found purpose, I decided to retrain and become a dedicated psychological trauma specialist and professional trainer, offering a fast and permanent solution to resolving emotional distress and the symptoms of trauma.

My time is now fully focused on expanding our network by training more facilitators, enabling us to reach out and support more people struggling with stress, burnout and trauma.

TIR and Life Stress Reduction (LSR) are effective and flexible for everyone

Using a combination of LSR and TIR techniques, I believe its possible to make a real difference to anyone suffering from executive stress or trauma. Common issues that we cover include: Career concerns, burnout, relationship difficulties, bereavement, distressing experiences and health concerns. We can also explore more internalised personal issues that are causing psychological pain, low self-esteem and any unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Put simply, I never want anyone else to go through what I did. This doesn't just have the power to transform lives, it saves lives!