February 2018

What do you think this poem says about them?

My mind is like the Ocean, with its ever changing currents. Flowing tenderly; powerfully; below the surface – glistening, warm and vibrant. At times it flows ferociously; far below; much deeper – silent, dark and mysterious.

My mind is like the Ocean; influenced by the gravitational attraction of the Earth and Moon. Forcing it to bulge, and expand creating dynamic vigorous tides.

My mind is like the Ocean, energized by the Wind, creating huge surging waves that whirl and twist along the surface – picking up momentum, soaring high, forming white spumes as they crash to the shore.

My mind is like the Ocean, a fantastically diverse web of life.

The way in which we all perceive things, read into things, interpret things, is very much down to who we are, where we are in life, or is it more than that? It would be really great to hear from you. When you read this poem, what do you think is being conveyed? Please email your answers to support@bounceuk.org and put "My Mind is Like the Ocean" in the Subject field..... we look forward to reading your responses!

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