If you’d like to join us or find out more about our services and training, please get in touch. We also have internationally trained facilitators who may be able to help you.
Our trained facilitators often support victims and witnesses who have been involved in complex legal cases. To maintain confidentiality, some names and photos aren’t included.

Our Business Team


“As founder and director of Bounce, I wear many hats, so every day is different and rewarding. I have lots of experience working with complex cases where TIR & LSR facilitation have produced some amazing results. I specialise in supporting individuals affected by all kinds of trauma, as well as victims and witnesses of serious violent crimes. I now focus most of my time on expanding the Bounce network and also helping people struggling with executive stress, burnout and trauma. Get in touch if you think I can help.”

Our Business Team


“As a Bounce Business Navigator, I’m committed to helping the team expand and grow on their truly inspirational journey in helping as many people as possible”

Our Business Team


“As a Bounce Business Navigator with many years’ experience as a CEO of an international company, I am delighted to be able to share my knowledge in helping the team move forward as an important force for good in the UK and beyond.”

Certified TIR Facilitator


As a qualified TIR facilitator I have worked with a wide variety of clients who have presented with unpleasant emotional and psychological symptoms associated with traumatic bereavement, childhood abuse, relationship issues, anger management and witnessing traumatic events. Initially I was a sceptic, but I have personally witnessed the amazing results which can be achieved with the proper use of Traumatic Incident Reduction. I hope it will become more widely available to those in need.

Our Facilitation Team


“I’ve been a certified TIR facilitator since summer 2018 and have supported hundreds of families bereaved by homicide and those affected by terrorism. I have also helped people who have experienced different types of traumatic incidents, no matter how long ago it happened. I always put my client first and adapt to their individual circumstances to make them feel safe and comfortable.” 

Our Facilitation Team


“I enjoy helping to transform people’s lives with the skills I’ve learnt. Every person is affected by trauma differently, so knowing exactly what to do at the right time is really important to their recovery”.

Our Facilitation Team


“As a social worker, I support lots of vulnerable people and have found TIR produces some amazing results. It has literally transformed lives and it’s so wonderful to see”.

Our Facilitation Team



Our Facilitation Team


“I’m currently working towards my TIR Facilitation certification and I’m looking forward to helping as many people as I can.”

Last But Not Least


“I am honoured to be the Chief Bounce mascot! I’ve had a tough start in life, but with lots of love, kindness and training, I’m pleased to say that I’ve just received my Good Companion Award from APDT. My dream is to become a therapy dog and help people who are suffering from trauma.”